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Sisal Scratching Pad With Bell Ball


Does your kitty just love to sink its claws into your precious furniture? 

Such natural behavior is most likely not something your cat will drop soon, but you can change the target, for example to this toy scratcher. Use the bell ringing ball to lure your darling and stimulate it to get to know the pad. This way your darling cat will get used to the scratch pad quite quickly and will have fun doing so. A cute way to decorate your home. Deliver happiness to your cat with this scratching mat!

Kitty Scratch Mat Details
- Size mat: H x W x D: 55 x 22 x 10 cm
- Scratch surface H x W: app. 23 x 20.5 cm
- Ringing ball D: app. 4 cm
- Material: Polyester, hemp
- Weight: app. 140 g
- Colour: Beige, grey, orange

Adorable Cat Scratch Mat
- Ideal for sharpening claws
- Pastime for kitties
- With ball to lure
- Keep furniture protected from scratch marks
- Simply mount it on your wall

Package Includes
- 1x Sisal Scratching Pad With Bell Ball

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