Right-side Cat And Mouse Switch Sticker

$0.62 USD


Remember when cats had to chase mice for food? Now they just lounge like the ballers they are…. It’s a brave new world. Remind yourself of the good (or not so good) old days with this black-silhouette cat switch sticker of a kitty chasing after a mouse. Cat-ify your bland switch panels with this pawsome sticker and add a little fun to the simple act of flipping on a switch.

Looking for something to add a little bit of pizzazz to your ordinary-looking wall, furniture or window? Well, here’s that intriguing piece you’ve been looking for. And it’s durable and water resistant too, ensuring the feline character you add to a room with the sticker stays intact for long.

.:Style: Modern
.:Item type: Wall sticker
.:Classification: For Tile,For Wall,Furniture Stickers,Switch Panel Stickers,Window .:Stickers
.:Pattern: 3D Sticker
.:Specification: Multi-piece Package
.:Material: PVC

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