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Hair Remover Cat Brush Grooming Tools Detachable Clipper Attachment

As the seasons change, your furred friends might start shedding a little bit more than usual. Before you know it, your favorite black sweater or sofa is covered in fur! 

Regularly brushing your pet really helps reduce excessive shedding and dander. These pet brushes are great for cats or for dogs and includes a clipper attachment. They're extremely good at removing fur from a pet's coat as the seasons change and are easy to clean and manage. 

Long gone are the days of finding your favorite items covered in fur right before an important meeting or date. Nobody wants to find their favorite little black dress made white by fido!

The plastic handle is durable and makes the brushing experience comfortable for both handler and pet. They're available in two colors, which helps if you've got two pets and would like to keep their brushes separate for any reason.

You're sure to make your furred friends purr or feel great when you brush them with these excellent brushes. 

Material: Plastic
Model Number: ccd-03
Brand Name: DELE