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Catch the Mouse Cat Toy


Catch the Mouse

Cat Toy Cats often love every game you play with them.
But of course they also have to be able to keep themselves busy when you have to leave.
Games where the cat needs its hunting instinct is always good.

In this cat and mouse game, the cat will be busy grabbing the mouse all day long.
The mouse always rotates in circles and the cat can try to get it from above as well as from the side.
When they have caught the mouse, they can make their nails clean and strong on the Scratch Pad.

The bottom of Catch The Mouse is equipped with anti-slip which protects your floor

Hours of fun for your pet
Mouse that spins
Play from the side and on top
Provided with Scratch Pad to keep the nails clean and strong
Non-slip bottom to protect your floor
No batteries needed

What do you get?
Catch the Mouse Cat Toy.

Estimated Delivery:
9-18 days