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Automatic Self Cleaning Cats Sandbox Smart Litter Box Closed Tray Toilet

Name: Fully automatic pet cat toilet

Material: PP resin

Voltage: 12V

Motor power: 5W

Maximum litter amount: 4KG

Weight accuracy: 0.005KG

Trash capacity: 4L

Weight: 13KG


- Do not place the unit directly or near a heat sink.

- Do not stack objects on the unit, disturb the data, and damage the original.

- Please place the unit in a horizontal stable position to avoid vibration and disturb data measurement.

- Do not place the unit in direct water or moisture to prevent damage to the electronic components.

- Do not place the unit on a soft surface (carpet, etc.) when using it to avoid interference with data measurement.

- It is recommended to use a water-absorbing bentonite cat litter.

Brand Name: VOFORD
Material: Plastic
Feature: Semi-closed
Type: Cats

smart litter only