Pet Fur Knot Cutter Remove Rake Grooming Shredding Brush Comb

$17.18 USD$17.26 USD

$17.18 USD

This custom rake contraption will have you and your pet saying wowzers.

Let's Pet has made a six-inch-long device to make pet grooming more pleasurable.

No more pulling away at the natural hair follicles whilst your pet yelps in displeasure.

Use the tool's precise combing curves to pull away the shedding hair. The width of the rake combs also makes even the shortest hairs of fur easy to extract. 

The wonderful handheld rake also comes with a second chamber that acts as a mini shearer. This feature is perfect for our slightly furrier friends who just want some tender love and care. No more frustration at the ever your hair of your furry but lovable best friend.

Whenever it's time for their routine trimming you will be good to go. You've got other aspects of your pet that need attention.

Get your raking tool in a variety of colors and designs before they get combed off of the shelves. These tools are so handy that they are actually used by longtime pet grooming professionals.

Type: Cats
Material: Stainless Steel

Approximate shipping time 10-17 days

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Blue, Pink