Dematting Grooming Deshedding Trimmer Tool For Cat Hair Fur 10/13/18 Blades

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10 Cutter10 Cutter
13 Cutter13 Cutter
18 Cutter18 Cutter
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$13.99 USD

Everyone who owns pets knows how strong the bond between the man (or woman!) and pet is. But pets are also a big responsibility and need a great deal of care. Cats and dogs especially can have trouble with their coats and sometimes need help to remain looking their sleek and shiny best, no matter how much time they spend grooming themselves.

Well here is a perfect and practical solution. Easy to use and totally painless for the animal you can detangle your animal with ease using these gadgets. Perfectly designed for coats of all lengths and textures you cannot go wrong. And not only are these items perfect for use on your beloved pet but they are also perfect for removing the fur which pets have a tendency to shed all over the place! Get fur out of your carpet, soft furnishings or even out of your clothing in a way that a vacuum cleaner simply cannot manage. Be confident that your house will look great and so will your furry friends.

Type: Dogs
Material: Stainless Steel
Model Number: Pet Rake Comb

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10 cutter, 13 cutter, 18 cutter


As the picture show