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You will surely love to have the Savannah Cats as your  pet

You will surely love to have the Savannah Cats as your  pet


Though, as a breed the savannah cats are relatively newer, recognized by the The International Cat association, only in 2012, but, within a very short span, they have become one of the most popular breeds of domesticated cats. These cats have something  wild in their genes, as they were created through cross breeding between domestic cats and African Servals, and subsequent breeding of the offspring with breeds like Oriental, Egyptian Manus and others.

Some basic information about the Savannah Cats

One of the most active cats, who are highly confident, intelligent and smart, these cats are very friendly with other cats, dogs and mankind. Being curious and adventurous at heart, they love to do something challenging and interesting. These cats are highly playful but, if forced to lead an inactive life, can turn highly hostile and destructive.

These cats are very adaptable and trainable, and they can connect well with the family members. In addition, these cats are friendly towards strangers and hence, it will never ever make you feel embarrassed, attacking a guest to your place. Typically, their physical traits involve large and tall ears, sitting on the top of the head. The eyes stay hidden behind hooded brow and comes with long necks and thick but short tails. All these traits give these cats a truly exotic appearance.

Some interesting facts about the Savannah cats

  • Though these Cats feature longer body and tails, however, their size is almost the same as that of the usual sizes of large domesticated cats.
  • The savannahs are highly playful in nature and they bond the best with people who would give time and effort in playing with them or leading them to any activities.
  • You will find these cats very communicative and interactive, who always have something to say about everything happening around him.

Taming these cats will not be a hassle, as they are trainable and are friendly towards the dogs and children alike. Though these cats are very adorable and friendly, however, they don’t ideally suit the first-time cat owners. It is for the reason that you need to be more familiar with the behavior and intelligence of cats, before you can actually handle a Savannah in the ideal manner.

However, if you can hold on your patience and  you agree to offer your cat an active lifestyle, you will hardly find a better alternative to the beautiful and elegant cats to pet.


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