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Top 10 Best Gifts For Cat Lovers

Top 10 Best Gifts For Cat Lovers

If it were up to us, the cat lovers of this world, there would be an international holiday specifically set aside to celebrate the awesomeness of our feline companions. While that’s not a possibility (for the moment, at least), we can still make the best of the current situation by catifying holidays and other special occasions for the cat lovers in our lives with cat-themed gifts.

With numerous options available, finding the purrfect gift for that special cat lover in your life can become quite a hassle. If that’s a predicament you’re currently struggling with, then you’re in luck cause we’re here to help.

To make things a bit easier for you, we’ve checked out tonnes of products and compiled a list of the top 10 best gifts for cat lovers that will leave your special cat parent feeling appreciated and their feline meowing with joy.

  1. Cat mug

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your best friend, favourite teacher, or colleague, you can never go wrong with a cat-themed mug. Regardless if it’s for coffee or tea, we all need a mug at some point during the day to enjoy our favourite beverage – which makes it an ideal gift.

If it’s for the home or office, get them a unique cat-themed ceramic coffee mug. For the commuter; a double-walled cat coffee travel mug will be perfect so they can enjoy their favourite beverage on the go.

  1. Stainless steel water bottle

Not only is it a super adorable gift, but a stainless-steel water bottle adorned with cat art makes for an environmentally friendly gift as well. Fewer plastic bottles means less waste goes to landfills making this a great gift for the environmentally conscious cat mom or cat dad.

For the active cat lover, a rugged water bottle will also come in handy when they need to take a drink with them on hikes or other outdoor adventures.

  1. Cat-themed apparel

Help your cat-loving friend express their love for the felines with a cute cat-art hoodie or t-shirt that they can throw on during those causal days or when they’re just lounging in the house.

There’s just something special about a gift you can wear. And you’re guaranteed that that special cat lover in your life will be thinking of you every time they put on their new favourite cat t-shirt or hoodie.

  1. Phone case

It’s their favourite piece of technology – everyone’s, really – so why not help them keep it safe while adding some feline glam to it. Affordable yet thoughtful, a cat phone case is an excellent gift that is both practical and useful.

  1. Backpack with cat art

For the student or co-worker with a bunch of stuff to lug around, a cat backpack would be godsent – helping them carry along their stuff in a cute comfortable package.

A cat backpack will make for an excellent cat lover gift for the start of school or for a birthday for that special little person in your life who thinks cats are pawesome.

  1. Cat wall décor

If you need a gift for a cat parent who has just moved into a new house or office, then cute cat art wall décor could be just what the doctor ordered. Help that cat lover in your life catify their space and they’ll totally appreciate you for it.

Whether you choose the more affordable wall stickers or decide to splurge a little and get them a canvas piece, your catification assistance will not go unnoticed.

  1. Cat groomer

One of the ways to a cat lover’s heart is through their cat. Make your friend’s, colleague’s or relative’s cat happy and their owner will love you for it. And since cats love to be well groomed, a self-grooming tool will surely make any furball meow with joy.

It’s a functional, fun gift that will give Kitty a massage while helping them remove stray or matted hair on their coat instead of shedding all over the house.

  1. Non-slip raised double feeding bowls

Just like us, kitties have got to eat and drink too. Help that cat mom or cat dad in your life feed their feline by gifting them a set of double feeding bowls with a raised non-slip platform for convenient access.

If the cat lover in your life owns a pair of kittens, then this set of bowls will come in handy for feeding them together. Otherwise, the two bowls can be used for food and drink when it’s only a single kitty in the house.

  1. Kitty door Mat

Cleo-cat-ra might run away each time the doorbell rings, but that doesn’t mean guests can’t experience a warm feline welcome whenever they come by. Help your cat-loving pal, mom, dad or sibling welcome their guests the feline way with a cutesy cat doormat.

While on the subject of mats, you can also gift your favourite feline person a cat-themed bath mat that will get them smiling every time they’re in the bathroom.

  1. Cat art Pillowcase

Placed at the right spot, an accent can bring vibrance to an entire room. A cat pillowcase is one such accent with the ability to add some zest to an otherwise dull looking space.

For those times Paw McCartney is in no mood for cuddling, a pillow can be an excellent alternative for that cat lover looking for some comforting. It’s a thoughtful gift that will provide a feeling of warmth to any feline person.

For any cat lover, there are few things out there that will bring them more joy than a cat-themed gift that’s unique, and that they can actually use and enjoy daily. So, if you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift for a cat lover, you’ll definitely do well with any of the gems we’ve listed above.

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