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How Cats Are Making Friends with Other Cats & Other Species

How Cats Are Making Friends with Other Cats & Other Species

You’ve had cats for years, then one day you’re outside and you see your ferocious female cat hanging around with a young kitten. Perhaps you inquire around the neighbourhood about the kitten – after all, you want to be sure they have an owner, and they have been spayed and neutered. Sure enough, a neighbour comes forward and tells you to be careful, as they can’t get close to the kitten to let him indoors.

 But it becomes almost routine for the two cats to hang out together. “How odd,” you think to yourself. “My cat has never liked a cat before now!”

 Later, you’re cleaning up the garden. Your cat is lying on the sidewalk, observing you and all the birds in the yard. One bird hops are precariously close to the cat. You hold your breath – you can’t become attached to birds when you have a cat! But then, the bird hops on top of the cat, while your cat is oblivious. Nothing happens and you breathe a sigh of relief.

 The next week, you open all the doors of your house to let the sunshine in. It’s a beautiful day. You pour cat food into your cat’s bowl. Where are they? You peer outside. Sooner or later, Fluffy will appear.

 Later, you head into the kitchen to see if Fluffy has appeared. And sure enough, there they are, eating their lunch, alongside a fox and the neighbour’s dog.

 It can be startling to see cats befriending other cats, and even other species, including dogs, birds, and foxes. But there is no end to the photos you can view online.

 Many cat owners have been surprised to discover that their cat gets along with the ferocious feral cat, the neighbour’s dog, or even other species, such as birds or even foxes.

But when we take away the basic survival needs of food, shelter, and affection that every animal needs, there is room for caring and compassion. Just like humans bond with each other after meeting for the first time, cats also bond with others, even if it’s a bird, raccoon, or other cats.

 While we don’t know exactly why a cat prefers one over another, perhaps it can be likened to humans. When we meet people out in public we may or may not like someone. The same goes for cats.

 Perhaps you shouldn’t be too surprised when your cat befriends one of your neighbour’s pets or even one of the critters from outside!

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