Facts About Cats

Facts about Maine Coon cats

Facts about Maine Coon cats
Facts about Maine coon that you have always aspired to know
The largest among the breeds of domesticated Cats, Maine Coons is the oldest natural cat breeds from North America, native to Maine state.

This large cat comes with its exclusive physical features and holds formidable skills in hunting. If you a cat lover and looking for the best breed of cats to domesticate, this breed definitely deserves your attention.
Nicknamed as Gentle giants, these animals will take the minimum time to become one of the important members of your family.

What is so special about the Coon Cat?
Maine Coons, alternatively known as Coon cat or Maine cat, irrespective of their large sizes and superlative hunting skills, feature sociable and gentle nature.

You can differentiate these cats from other breeds in terms of their robust bone structure, prominent ruff lying on their chests, uneven 2 layer coats and long, bushy tails.

As for the shades, the most common being lilac and chocolate, you can find these cats in various other colors.
The Coon cats are loved for their playful nature and intelligence, and its superlative ability to communicate with prominent body languages.
The unique aspect of this breed is that they often resemble the dogs in terms of their reactions and body languages.

Coon Cats made the way to the Guniess book of world records
In 2010, Maine Coon made a permanent place in the Guinness Book of World records, once, Stewie, a male coon cat from Nevada, measuring around 123 Cm between the length in between its tip of the nose and the tail was recorded as the longest domesticated cat in the world. On average, the male coon cats can grow to the length of 120 CM, while their female counterparts can get to the extent of 115 CM. As for the weight, the male cats of this breed can weight between 6 to 8 KG, while the weight of the females ranges between 3.5 and 5.5 Kgs. The expected lifetime of these cats can be around 12.5 years, while the of the cats, survives around 10 years.
It is for their playful and active nature and gigantic size that these cats, they need to be fed with ample of proteins and vitamins to ensure their good health and well being. Meat should be the key item in the ideal diet for these cats. As an owner of a Coon cat, you need to take special care to protect the pet from chances of catching Feline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy.

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